The Angels in Our Life


The time has come so that we can all have the ability to have contact with Angels.

What they would like us to know is that: we love you and want to be with you in your evolutionary journey. Call on us and we will be with you. Do not doubt that we have not heard whatever you have requested. We are here for you and we are happy to be so. Through the use of many means we show you our presence whether it is through your intuition, showing up in your dreams, through a human angel, a book, a feather, a song, anything that will catch your attention. We would like to help lighten your load. We are delighted when you ask us for help. We love and embrace you all.

The time has come to trust them, and let go.

What we need to do is to: invoke the suitable Angel or Angels for each situation e.g. if we have an issue of injustice invoke the Angels of justice to bring justice to the specific situation, trust and leave it in their hands .You do not need to know their names etc. Of course any angel you call upon is able to help.

When working with the Angels in our daily lives, our life becomes more beautiful because we are united with the angelic realm and unconditional love. We are safe, peaceful; everything in our life is created through love.

We give thanks to the Archangels, the Angels, the great Masters and the Spiritual Guides who are near us.

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