Reiki in Our Lives

Reiki is one of the many beautiful tools that God has given to mankind. The light emanating from the source comes directly to people through Reiki. With Reiki we are able to discover joy, peace, and well-being, and harmony and gain trust in our lives when we give Reiki to ourselves or others. We all have the right to this universal energy, regardless of age, race, color, religion, education, social status. We can all get acquainted with Reiki as weeach and every one of us are all worthy in the eyes of our heavenly Father.

Reiki helps us recognize and heal our wounds, we learn to accept and learn from our mistakes, we truly learn to get to know ourselves, our capabilities and capacities. We are able to love ourselves and furthermore this love extends to all others too.

Reiki treatments help bring to surface our fears eventually releasing them. It helps us face and deal with and all mental, emotional and health issues and helps us get to the root level and cause of these issues eventually eliminating them. When we decide to include Reiki in our lives it will change our lives for the better every day.