Meditation is not something that is in the mind, it goes beyond the mind. During meditation we sit still and quiet the mind and enjoy the act itself of being silent. It is something that we must learn to remember, it is our inner nature it is our actual innate existence. We have become ignorant and blind to our true self. When we go within, it is at first like delving into chaos and this is how it is, we become witness to the chaos we ourselves have created, we must learn to face our creations and deal with them. Great patience is needed to actually get to know ourselves. When we go within we will find our center, and we will find the light.
The key to meditation is to become observers. We learn to simply observe our thoughts without judging them and then we will see these disappear and vanish. It is at this stage that we have achieved awareness, only then we can penetrate deeply and reach the inner depths of our being.
Meditation transforms us, changing the way we live our lives. With meditation we can achieve a deeper understanding, feel inner joy, sweetness, we are calm and energized, and able to make better decisions, we have amplified health and wellness, and we learn to live our lives through joy and creativity. Let us all devote some time to the daily practice of meditation and enjoy its benefits.

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