I Live in the Now

An analysis of the ancient Greek letters of I live in the now – Ζω το τώρα are decoded as meaning:

Ζ : η Ζωη – Life
Ω : πλανήτης Γη- Planet Earth
Τ : στερέωση της ενέργειας – Securing the energy
Ο : χώρος περιορισμένος – limited space
Τ : στερέωση της ενέργειας – Securing the energy
Ω : πλανήτης Γη – Planet Earth
Ρ : ροη ενέργειας – The Flow of Energy
Α : αρχική δύναμη – Initial life force

Yesterday has passed and cannot be changed. Tomorrow cannot be known. The only thing left to live is the present, now. To live in the present we must be focused on today and be able to be conscious of the moment! This provides us deep satisfaction. To live in the now does not mean to passively tolerate any situation and not do anything about it. Nor does it mean to stop making plans and not get actively involved. The only condition whereby we can experience the flow of life is in the now. Acceptance of the present moment without conditions and reservations is the ideal. When things go wrong we do not have to accept an unpleasant situation but at the same time should not be fooling ourselves that it does not fully exist. We must recognize that want to get out of there, then focus on the present moment without any judgment. Only then can we take action and find a solution. Such action taken is positive. We then ask ourselves: Is there anything I can do to change the situation and can I remove myself from this situation? And take action. Life is fully cooperative and helps us. If we come up against any obstacles then we must better control our resistance to the situation. We must take responsibility for our lives, it is in our hands.

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