Learn About Reiki

The practice is taught by Reiki masters / teachers who have trained in the tradition passed on in person from master to student.

Reiki has three levels.

At the first level a Master Reiki Usui teacher attunes the student and brings them into contact with the energy of Reiki.
The Seminars for all 3 levels will last for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
The student is taught the history of Reiki, hand positions and techniques to self treat themselves and others.

At the end of the training the student receives:
• A manual for the 1st degree
• A therapeutic music CD Reiki session
• An Usui Reiki 1st degree Certificate.

At the second level of the Usui Reiki system the student once attuned with the energy learns the sacred symbols, important keys for their life. The student delves deeper into self awareness and in emotional/ mental clearing.

At the end of the training the student receives:
• A 2nd degree manual
• A therapy manual
• A 2nd degree Usui Reiki Certificate

At the third level the student once attuned receives and learns about the master symbol of the teacher and has the potential to come into contact with the divine nature within him. If you have chosen you want to teach Reiki to others then you will learn how to give the intricate process of attunements for Reiki first, second and three A and B levels. You will be taught all that an Usui Reiki Master needs to know.
At the end of the training the student receives:
• A 3rd degree manual
• An Usui Reiki Master manual
• A 3rd degree Usui Reiki Master Certificate.

At the end of the first and second degree training specified dates will be set for Reiki group sessions each month in order to go over and process all the elements that have surfaced and that Reiki has brought in our lives.