Individual and Group Sessions

Individual sessions
The goal is to understand the purpose of each person’s existence on earth. Why and how we can solve issues that concern us in our everyday life.  A session may include therapies using various healing modalities such as Usui Reiki Ryoho, Angelic Reiki and past regressions only for therapeutic reasons. Individual sessions are made through appointment only and take place daily except Saturday and Sunday.

Group sessions
The purpose of the group sessions is getting to know how important and worthy we all are for life and humanity overall. To learn about the capacities and capabilities we all possess and how we can be in service to the whole. We will understand the reasons behind certain problems we meet in our lives.  Each month when the Reiki groups and self awareness groups a theme is discussed analyzed and developed. The group session ends with a meditation. Group sessions are held only on Saturdays and Sundays. On the last Sunday of every month The Twin Flame meditation for the earth is held. Admission is free for anyone who wants to attend this meditation so we can repay the least of what we can to what the earth most generously gives us.