Angels and Archangels

All Angels and Archangels express divine and spiritual qualities which exist within every human being. We are all connected to their energy, what you need to do is remove the veil, that is to get activated raise our vibration and discover that we have these connections and these qualities.
All of us at some point in our lives feel like we have had contact with an angel or archangel, through having a feeling or having a pleasant sensation, have actually seen one, or feel like someone is guiding us, notice a sudden gain of strength, feel courage in a difficult situation, or a sense of safety.
Archangels guide and advise us on specific areas representing the energy of everyone. The Angels have different specializations and different functions that help in countless ways. Everyone has his own guardian angel that is always with us throughout the course of our lives.
The Angels are all around us and anytime we can call on them and ask them for their help for anything. They do not interfere in our free will and will not intervene in our lives except for only in some dire situations .They will only come when we call on them for help or guidance.
Always thank the Angels for their help and for their blessings.

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