Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd degree Workshop

dsc_9289With much happiness we welcome our brothers and sisters to the Angelic Kingdom. In the weekend of 17-19 / 11/2017, the initiation of the first and the second degree in Angelic Reiki took place. Through this system all students became bodies of the energy of the Divine Mind. They allowed themselves, in their consciousness, the opportunity to unite with their Divine nature.

It was a great joy for us that we all joined together to bring the Angelic Vibration to Earth. As we shall live in this Vibration, all problems and grievances will be reduced and some of them will disappear. We have allowed the higher Vibration of Love to anchor into our hearts.

1st and 2nd degree Therapists Angeliki Reiki
Antonia Strongylaki GR 1157/01
Christina Skoura GR 1157/02
Eftychia Daskalaki GR 1157/03
Eleftheria Maraki GR 1157/04
Helene Bragg Maraki GR 1157/05
Angeliki Havredaki GR 1157/06
Niki Vrontaki GR 1157/07
Maria Zumadaki GR 1157/08
Rouxani Kampouraki GR 1157/09
Sotiria Caplan GR 1157/10
Evangelia Vamidaki GR 1157/11
Zoe Tselios GR 1157/12
Emilly Katraki GR 1157/13
Androniki Elinikaki

Thank you to all of you, whom entrusted us, honored us and gave us the opportunity to become your Teachers and instructors.

We also thank the Angelic Kingdom that was present during our workshop.
With Love and Honor
Aspasia – Evangelos

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